HLB Specialties first to import Goldenberries without cold treatment

Pompano Beach, FL-based HLB Specialties, a U.S. importer and tropical fruit specialist, has resumed importing fresh Colombian goldenberries, also known as cape gooseberries

Previously, the fruit had to undergo a 14-day quarantine treatment mandated by USDA before being distributed in the United States, which dramatically reduced shelf-life and increased costs. Now shipments from verified “fruit fly free zones” can enter the country without undergoing the cold treatment and HLB Specialties is the first to receive new shipments.

“Previously it was difficult and costly to handle Colombian Goldenberries because the cold-treatment would give us only about one week to sell, distribute, and have the shoppers enjoy the fruit at home,” said Andres Ocampo, HLB Specialties’ director of operations and Colombian himself. “With the new regulation we have two to three weeks shelf-life and can offer a much more competitive price.”

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