Importers greet winter fruit deal

Publication date: December 17, 2011

The quarantine of Mexican papayas because of salmonella fears this fall had a bigger effect on large papayas than smaller fruit, said Homero Levy de Barros, president of Plantation, Fla.-based HLB Tropical Food. Markets for smaller papayas stayed relatively steady, Barros said, but some large fruit doubled in price. “It was a big disruption in […]

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HLB Tropical Food adds three products

Publication date: December 16, 2011

After 13 years of focusing exclusively on papayas, Plantation, Fla.-based HLB Tropical Food is broadening its horizons, said Homero Levy de Barros, the company’s president. Mangoes, limes and avocados are now on the company’s Central American roster. Barros is the first to admit he’s no expert on mangoes, limes and avocados. But he eventually wants […]

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